Monday, September 13, 2010

Old Hollywood Regency Style Master Suite

Could this master suite be any more glamourous?

I'm really into looking at master suites lately as I'm nearly ready to redocorate mine.  Literally, I'll be doing much of the work myself and will be working with a clearly cut, "recession style" budget.  This doesn't really bother me though, as sometimes it’s fun to add a piece or two to a room that didn’t come from a retail store. Mixing the old with the new and creating an eclectic feel can really make a room feel fresh, comfortable and like it took years to collect everything. If you are an avid DIY er, there is no limit to the fabulous pieces you could create and customize for your home.

Between furniture consignment and thrift stores, a little creativity along with some sore muscles I'm determined to do something fabulous in my right now kind of boring boudoir. 

Who knows how it will turn out.......  fingers crossed...

to be continued (before and afters, along with some DIY tips are on their way).....

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