Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nettie Rosenstein - Homage to a fairly obscure mid century fashion designer.

Actress, Jessica Alba wore  a beautiful pink floral Nettie Rosenstein cocktail dress Circa 1950’s to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 

I think Jessica could wear just about anything and look totally fabulous -   the fact that she chose this Rosenstein frock is very interesting.  In a time where the heavy hitters (Vuitton, Marchesa, Chanel, Oscar) are throwing themselves at stars like Jessica she chose the sweet, cotton candy pink chiffon dress.  Actually, I believe stylist Rachel Zoe found it for her.... but ultimately, it was her choice.  Wasn't it? 

Nettie Rosenstein (1890-1980) was an acclaimed Jewish-American fashion designer, based in New York between c.1913 and 1975.  She was particularly known for her lbd's....  little black dresses. (thank you Wikepedia)

Nettie Rosenstein (in pink silk) on Jackie Kennedy in 1961. 

This designer is officially on my "To Find" list!

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