Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are you inspired?

Many of us have crazy-busy lives.  During all of the chaos, if you were to stop for second to think to yourself, "Am I having fun?  Do I feel fulfilled? Am I happy with my surroundings?".   It wouldn't be uncommon to think to oneself, "Hmmm.... I don't know, maybe not".

The absolute first thing we can do to make our lives fulfilling is to actually say to ourselves, " I am happy.  I'm grateful.  My life happens the way that it's supposed to."  After putting these thoughts into our minds, immediately, we should feel a shift toward a more positive self.  It's really that easy. 

With this newly acknowledged positive self, it's time to just take a look around.  Take one look at the room in your home that you retreat to after a busy day.  Maybe it's your family room, kitchen, or bedroom.  Regardless as to which room this most commonly visited space is, do you like what you see?  How do you feel in the space?  Is it organized, functional, pleasing to your eye?  If you genuinely have to answer no to any one of these questions (many of us would easily answer no to all three!), its time to make a change.  Simple changes to our surroundings in conjuction with this newfound choice to be positive will, absolutely change your life. 

It might not happen overnight, but, with a little bit of effort, we can all find the Vintage Floozy within ourselves.  What does this mean?  Something different for everyone.  For me, it means that I love where I'm at, mind and body, in my own life.   I'm an individual with my own ideas.  What I enjoy or find beautiful may not be the same thing as whatever is "in vogue" right now.  That's okay.  That's better than okay.  Trust yourself to choose what your life will look and feel like. 

The next step:  Finding inspiration -

to be continued..........

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